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Introducing the Business Loan Marketplace Investment Platform

Business Loan Marketplace [BLM] and The “YES” Network of Banks, Lenders, and Investors are your guides to business funding success.

Successfully securing investor funding requires more than simply qualifying or having a good business plan. Many qualified businesses and owners fail at acquiring funding because they are not ready, do not present their business in the best light, or believe obtaining capital is simply a matter of filling out an application.  Not true.  BLM’s experience is that 99% of declines for investment or financing are because the applicant does not have a funding strategy and therefore fails to prepare the business and funding request to meet investor or financing requirements.

Your First Step…

It’s simple, fast, and easy…complete the BLM intake form with some very basic information and a list of the documents and information that investors and lenders in The “YES” Network of Banks, Lenders, and Investors generally need to give your request for funding serious consideration.

Upon receipt, BLM shares your intake information to your Personal Funding Advisor [PFA] along with your business plan, business valuation, share structure, etc. and initiates an online meeting to introduce you to your PFA.  The purpose of this meeting is to allow your PFA to understand your vision, mission, and the amount of money you want to raise.  During this step, BLM and your PFA provide you with guidance to assure you have and/or can create the documents and provide the information investors require.

Our First Step…

Following this online meeting, BLM and your PFA reviews both the meeting notes and your business and funding documents and recommend a course of action for presenting your offering to The “YES” Network of Banks, Lenders, and Investors.  This includes preparation of the materials necessary to meet regulatory requirements and increase the probability you will receive the funding you want and need.  BLM then initiates another online meeting between you and your PFA to review those findings and map out a strategy.

What Then?

Once you, BLM, and your PFA decide on a course of action, BLM and your PFA devise the plans to execute your custom Comprehensive Funding Strategy which includes identifying and approaching traditional offline and online crowdfunding sources.


Your PFA, with guidance from BLM, reviews your financial documents and presents them in a way that ensures your business meets and exceeds investor demands and expectations.

Some potential funders only want to see the executive summary or pitch deck before looking at your business plan.  Others want more comprehensive information and materials…

  • Comprehensive Strategic and Business Plan
  • GAAP compliant financials
  • two to three-page Executive Summary
  • ten to fifteen slide Pitch Deck

BLM and your PFA know the needs of the investors in The “YES” Network of Banks, Lenders, and Investors.  Once you’ve finalized your presentation materials, your PFA preliminarily identifies potential funders in our database of more than 5,300 Venture Capital, Angel investors, and Private Equity investors based on your industry sector, time in business, revenue range, funding goal, and offering.

Equity Crowdfunding…

Because most people tend to associate the term “crowdfunding” with platforms like Kickstarter and GoFundMe, many people assume that Equity Crowdfunding platforms operate just like they do. However, sites like those don’t provide investors with a material return on investment. Equity Crowdfunding gives investors the chance to invest in a startup or existing company by purchasing a percentage of ownership of a company that they think has a chance to be successful.

Regulation D and Filling Your Funding Funnel…

Although restricted to accredited investors only, Equity Crowdfunding has grown to an estimated $2.5 billion in equity investment in 2015 with growth expected to double year on year.  Experts project that equity crowdfunding will surpass Angel and Venture Capital funding in 2016/2017.

Equity Crowdfunding offers several investment and finance instruments.  BLM helps our clients determine the best form of funding to pursue and guides them through the steps to establish a relationship with one of the industry’s leading Equity Crowdfunding platforms; one which engages with more than 24,000 participating investors.

Regulation D Section 506(c)…

Created in 2013 by the JOBS Act, section 506(c) provides an exemption that allows companies to conduct general solicitation or public fund raising for their private placement offering which significantly increases their exposure to potential capital sources.  Now small business can promote their investment opportunity to the public just like a company listed on a stock exchange. Clearly 506(c) has leveled the playing field for small business to raise money.

Comprehensive 506(c) Strategy…

BLM, working with The “YES” Network of Banks, Lenders, and Investors, has developed a comprehensive strategy to exploit the general solicitation advantages presented by section 506(c) by creating a digital ecosystem presence that connects you to the investor community.

The Funding Funnel…

Because the ability for small businesses to secure working capital through conventional financing sources has become increasingly limited, an effective funding strategy includes an aggressive marketing campaign analogous to a sales funnel.

Your Digital Ecosystem Presence…

BLM and The “YES” Network of Banks, Lenders, and Investors designed a proprietary digital ecosystem presence for small business funding efforts.

The components of a digital ecosystem are¹…

  • A sixty to ninety second investor-centric video
  • An executive summary site for lead capture
  • A PR/news release service targeting investors and addressed to a variety of platforms
  • Pay-Per-Click advertising on appropriate social media platforms
  • An email campaign directed to accredited investors
  • Social media presence on and optimization for LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Hangouts, YouTube, Twitter, etc.
  • Creation and presentation of webinars

[1] Every offering doesn’t warrant creating all components.

The Outcome…

The objective of our proprietary 506(c) strategy is to create a synergistic, integrated, investor-centric digital presence that creates a digital connection to the precise investor community that best fits your goals and fills the funding funnel for your offering.

In the funding funnel model, visitors to your digital ecosystem are the starting point.  Some visitors aren’t potential investors.  However, many visitors talk about what they learn and their comments and observations are likely to reach prospective investors who then become visitors.

Prospects are those visitors that demonstrate an interest in investing.  Potential funders qualify themselves as they move down the funnel.  These are the folks with whom you communicate.

One significant advantage of BLM’s proprietary process is that it leads to in-person conversations with prospects.  The best business plan or funding profile cannot convey passion as well as your voice, nor can they provide real time answers to questions.  No one can tell your story better than you.  The most serious among these prospects review the investor documents as part of their due diligence process. Some prospects will have a genuine interest, complete the entire funnel process, and provide all or part of the capital you need to achieve your funding goal.

Learn more…

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