Advising You and Negotiating for You

Business Loan Marketplace negotiates the terms of each loan to serve the borrower’s interests.

  • Business Loan Marketplace's designed its underwriting process to predict the likely outcome of a loan by evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of each application before submitting it to lenders. If the loan request represents unusual risk, Business Loan Marketplace works with lender/s to determine ways to mitigate risk, modify the application, and enable approval of the loan.
  • Bankers have their own language, which places most borrowers at a real disadvantage. This often results in borrowers frustrating the loan officer and inadvertently making misstatements that lead the lender to decline the loan.  Business Loan Marketplace and your Commercial Finance America Advisor act as your spokespersons with lenders in most situations and coach/counsel you when communications between borrower and banker are required.

We have the Lenders…

Business Loan Marketplace can contact more lenders in a single day than most borrowers can contact in months…

  • BEST LENDERS – Most lenders consider certain types of loan requests and automatically decline others. Business Loan Marketplace knows which lenders would be most interested in your loan
  • LARGE NETWORK – Business Loan Marketplace has access to over 5,000 lenders. Through our electronic systems, we contact the lenders that would be most interested in your loan application in the first week and, if needed, contact all 5,000 within two to three weeks
  • MARKET KNOWLEDGE – Business Loan Marketplace knows the market and knows when a lender is making an unfair offer. Business Loan Marketplace continues to shop the marketplace until we know you have the loan which is just the right one for you.
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