Structuring Your Loan Application…

Bankers and other lenders decline many loan applications because the borrower requests…

  • A loan amount that is too large or too small
  • Use for the loan proceeds that lenders consider unsuitable
  • A type of loan that lenders would consider inappropriate based on the amount requested or the planned use of proceeds
  • And most frequently…A loan for a business that the lender, for one reason or another, is just not interested in

Business Loan Marketplace’s first responsibility to you is structuring your loan by having your Commercial Finance America Advisor collaborate with you to…

  • determine a loan amount that makes sense for what you want to accomplish
  • clearly state how your business plans to use the proceeds in a way that Business Loan Marketplace knows is acceptable to bankers
  • identify the type of loan that is best for you and your business and that lenders would be interested in funding

Designing, Packaging, and Presenting Your Loan Application… Bankers and other lenders receive loan requests every day; they have little interest in helping borrowers design and package their loans.  Business Loan Marketplace prides itself on creating exceptional loan designs and packages that present clients to bankers and lenders in the best possible light[1]

  • organizing documents
  • completing forms accurately
  • packaging your loan request in a way that is both professional and appropriate
  • allowing the banker or lender to see you in the most positive light

Business Loan Marketplace presents loan applications in two sequential steps…

  • A summary loan request is distributed to bankers and lenders that Business Loan Marketplace knows may have an interest in funding this type of loan
  • A full loan application is then forwarded to those banks that express an interest in funding your loan

[1]  Business Loan Marketplace does not misrepresent or falsify a borrower’s information to a lender in order to secure financing.  Business Loan Marketplace can also turn a poorly designed application or a declined loan application or into a bankable loan.

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